A Note from the Artistic Director 

Hued Songs was born from my own sense of feeling culturally & ancestrally lost. In this music, however, I found myself. In these songs and in these texts- I see myself. I see roots to a lineage and to a history that originated many centuries before me and many miles from where I stand, yet still undeniably my own. It is a history that belongs to all of us and that deserves a voice.

Robert Lynch once cited the importance of intercommunity connection, commenting on the impact the arts can have in bringing communities together. At a time in which there is so much that divides us, Hued Songs seeks to be a part of the vibrant, cultural tapestry of South Florida to help further connect our communities.

Thank you for sharing this moment with us.

With gratitude & excitement,


Kunya C. Rowley


A native of Miami, FL, Kunya holds a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice from New World School of the Arts, but often traverses the worlds of various genres. His artistic credits include performances with Magic City Opera, Slow Burn Theatre, Klezmer Orchestra, Opera Naples, Florida Grand Opera, Orchestra Miami, Nu Deco Ensemble, and M Ensemble. In 2017 Kunya was awarded a Knight Arts Challenge grant for "Hued Songs",  a community performance series throughout 2019 & 2020 around the works of classical, black composers, black history, culture, and text. In addition to his artistic work, Kunya is the director of sales & customer service for FOH Inc., a minority-owned business in Miami, FL that provides trend-setting product solutions for the hospitality industry. In this role he's honed, developed, and cultivated a variety of skills such as strategic planning, organization, training, coaching, and leading teams of all skill levels. As a sales professional, he understands that every “no” brings him one step closer to a “yes”. Most importantly, he's learned the importance of setting goals and achieving them.

Kunya's work as an artist, non-profit collaborator, and as a leader in the for-profit world has allowed him to traverse two very different dichotomies in the community. With Hued Songs, he's committed to utilizing that advantage to be a conduit for accessible arts across a multi-cultural platform.

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